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Each plant is be able to produce about a billion grains of pollen over a season.

Ragweed is normally 1' - 7' ft. in height and is found throughout the United States. The weeds are most commonly found in the Eastern states and the Midwest.

Ragweed produces abundant pollen that is a primary cause of hay fever.  Ragweed pollen can travel far. It has been measured in the air 400 miles out to sea and 2 miles up in the atmosphere, but most falls out close to its source.

Common Ragweed is the most widespread of this genus in North America. It normally attains a height of about 3' ft.

Ragweed grows the best in warm and sunny, newly-disturbed soils, free from competition with other weeds and grasses. It is often found along roadsides, vacant lots, river banks, and abandoned fields.

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